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Love Making Tips and Techniques For Amazing Sex Revealed ...


The Love Making Tips, Techniques and Secrets for Increasing Love & Connection, Improving Love Making and Igniting Passion...  


Dear Internet Friend,  

Do you want to have the best sex of your life?

How about closer, more connected and more passionate love making than ever before ?

Get ready-- because with the information we're about to share with you, you're going to learn about how your love making can be better than you thought possible.

We're talking about absolutely mind blowing, deep connected sex.

Love making so good that you couldn't explain to anyone else even if you tried.

If this is sounding good so far, we have something very important to tell you that could change the quality and frequency of your love making forever.


It's simple.

No matter what your sexual experience has been up until now… there are some simple shifts you can start making beginning today that will help you start creating a better, more passionate and more exciting sexual experience than you thought possible. 

We’re relationship coaches and authors, Susie and Otto Collins and while we are blessed to have wonderful lovemaking in our relationship now— the truth is, that for us, until we discovered these love making tips, techniques and secrets, our sexual relationships weren’t always this way.

In fact, when we first got together, even though we were passionately connected and really wanted to be together, our love making was strained, uneventful and average at best.

The good news for us is that all that has changed and a mediocre sex life is a thing of the past. 
It's filled with passion, deep intimacy, joy and bliss and we feel very grateful.

As you continue reading the information on this web page, you’re going to discover how you too can begin creating for yourself the kind of sexual joy and bliss that we’re talking about.



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What it Takes To Create a Great Sexual Relationship…  

Whether you’re single, married or divorced and regardless of what you think or have been led to believe up until now, the truth is --NO ONE Is Born a Great Lover.  

That's right. Being a great lover and having great sex does not happen by accident.

There are certain things that the happiest and most satisfied lovers do in certain ways in every single moment of their day and their relationships to increase passion, keep it alive, growing and cultivate sexual bliss. 

One of the biggest things you could ever do is to start creating the right mindset that leads to sexual bliss. This is actually fairly easy if you know how to focus your mind, heart, body and spirit in the right ways. 

What we've discovered is that all the best lovemaking and sexual techniques in the world won't help if you don't have the right mindset. 

One of the key ingredients to "having the right mindset" for great sex is being open to new possibilities. 

What we've discovered in our relationship coaching practice is that when it comes to sex and intimacy that most people aren't open to new possibilities. They close themselves off to new possibilities and then wonder why their relationship and sexual experience never changes or improves. 

Without being open to new possibilities, nothing will change. You'll always have what you've always had. 

Another thing we've discovered is that for most people when there are challenges in the area of sexuality or intimacy is that they simply don't want to talk about it. 

Most people figure that if they just don't talk about their problems or challenges in the bedroom that these challenges will somehow magically heal themselves. That hasn't been our experience. 

Our experience has been that if you want to improve anything in your life, in order to make it better, you have to stop doing what you've always done and try something different. 

It's no different when it comes to lovemaking, intimacy and sex. 

If you want more passion, more connection and life in your love making and sex then you have to figure out what is working well and what isn't and then do more of what's working and less (or eliminate all together) what isn't working. 

If you want to regain lost passion, create a deeper connection, have more delicious love making and a better sexual experience in your life, it's important for you to know...

  • It is possible to create better sex, more life and passion in your relationship

  • You can bring back lost passion and rekindle the sexual fires once again and

  • We can show you how 

"Susie and Otto Collins are an authentic couple who share from their hearts and, more importantly, model what it truly takes to create an outstanding relationship. Through personal stories, a wide variety of books and practical ideas, they offer new possibilities for creating and sustaining the love we want in our lives. I recommend their work and appreciate their grounded generosity."

                               Kathlyn Hendricks, Co-Author "Conscious
                               Loving" and "The Conscious Heart"  
                               Co-founder of the Hendricks Institute for
                               Conscious Living.


"Your information and tools provided in your tape and books have been very valuable for me in transforming my relationship.  Over the past few years I have read numerous relationship books to help me have a wonderful, passionate relationship.  Nothing compares to your books." 

Sue Afrasiabi of Melbourne, Australia 



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Reclaiming Passion and Creating Sexual Bliss...

One of the things that has been very instrumental in helping us create even more sexual joy was meeting Antoinette and Richard Asimus. 

Antoinette and Richard have been married 34 years. They teach other people how to create more sexual, spiritual joy in their relationships and their lives. 

They are teachers of something called Ipsalu Tantra. 

Tantra is an ancient system for learning to live fully in bliss. There are many elements of Tantra and the sexual teachings are only a small part of it. 

Because we're always interested in improving our relationship and sexual experience, we attended one of their weekend workshops called "Learning to Live In Bliss." 

While we were relationship coaches, authors and seminar leaders ourselves and already had a close connected intimate and sexual relationship, this turned out to be an incredible weekend that helped us take our own sexual relationship to a whole new level. 

Antoinette and Richard are very gifted teachers and a  few months ago the four of us talked about how we might work together to help other people create more vital, loving relationships and sexual, spiritual joy.  

This "sexual spiritual joy" has nothing to do with religion, but is the feeling that many people describe happening when they truly discover how to reach higher heights of pleasure and ecstasy. 

For many people, when they discover these ideas for creating sexual bliss, they say that they feel like they are connecting with our Creator, the divine and all of the universe. Often, the pleasure is so wonderful, they actually use the words "sexual, spiritual joy" to describe their feelings.  

From our conversations with Antoinette and Richard, we decided to create a series of recordings to help people like you create more sexual, spiritual joy in their relationships and their lives.  

 These recordings are called "Love Making Secrets For Creating Deeper Intimacy and Sexual, Spiritual Joy."  




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